Farm Management

Farm Stress and Decision Making During Challenging Times

Our Brains on Stress—Managing Impacts of Farm Stress on Health, Relationships, and Decision Making

  • Workshops and other activities that can be tailored for farm audiences or for community‐based ag service providers, health professionals or others who support farm families (finance, risk management, etc.) in a community or business setting. Can include a discussion and examples of how the most recent developments and research in brain science can help us understand how to manage the relentless impacts of farm stress.

Collection of Farm Stress Resources by John Shutske

  • Contact: John Shutske

Reducing the impact of farm‐work related injuries and occupational health problems

Wisconsin Safe Operation of Tractor and Machinery Certification Program

  • A program for youth ages 12‐15 that provides an introduction to farm safety with a focus on tractor and machinery operation. Meets the US Department of Labor Hazardous Occupation Order for Agricultural certification requirements and s. 346.925 Wis. Stats. Operation of agricultural machinery by youthful operators. Programs offered locally by county Extension staff, high school agricultural sciences instructors or technical college instructors. ASH Center provides administrative assistance and resources for instructors and certifying authorities.
  • Further information here
  • Contact: Cheryl Skjolaas

Caring for Farm Families

  • In rural communities, health professionals including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, social workers, and physical therapists are often among the first to see and care for a farm‐work injury or work‐connected illness. Health professionals are uniquely suited to provide prevention education to family members, parents, workers and employers.
  • Contact: John Shutske

Developing Your Farm’s Safety Plan

  • Having a comprehensive agricultural safety and health management “plan” is a great way for employers to keep well‐organized and their employees healthy and safe. Workshops may include Identifying and Assessing Hazards, Controlling Risks, Training Employees, and Establishing Safety Policies and Procedures.

Customized General Farm Safety and Health Programs

  • This includes special topics such as managing respiratory hazards, child safety, and age appropriate tasks.
  • Contact: John Shutske or Cheryl Skjolaas

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance for Dairy Farms or other production agricultural operations.

  • Dairy Worker Safety (collaborative work with Dairy Team)
  • Animal Handling
  • Skid Steer Operation
  • Feeding and Horizontal Silo Management
  • Note: Dairy Worker Modules are being revised in 2019. Current materials are available from the Extension Learning Store.
  • Contact: Cheryl Skjolaas

Agricultural Vehicles

  • Implements of Husbandry and Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicle Regulations.
  • Further information here
  • Contact: Cheryl Skjolaas

Emerging Agricultural Safety and Health Issues

Manure Storage and Handling System Safety

  • This includes topics such as manure gases and air monitoring
  • Confined Spaces Requirements including written program
  • Nutrient Management Applicator Level 1 training (Collaboration with Nutrient Management workgroup)
  • Contact: Cheryl Skjolaas

Fall Protection on Horizontal Silos

  • A senior design project with students from Biological Systems Engineering working with Lallemand. Design project to be completed December 2018.
  • Contact: John Shutske

Dairy Farm Antibiotic Resistance Project

  • Contact: John Shutske