Farm Safety & Health Programs – for Producers and Ag Professionals

Farm workplace safety and health continues to be a major draw for farmers, farmworkers, and personnel in the ag industry. Increasingly, demand has come from custom operators, cooperatives, equipment companies, and those who provide specialized ag services.  Farming is unique and highly specialized and complex with an array of workplace health and safety hazards.  Some examples of programs that can be tailored and targeted for the unique needs of ag audiences in injury prevention and health protection:

Farm Safety & Health Intro: Five to ten important, highly actionable ideas to help prevent disabling farm injuries, fatalities and workplace-connected illness from respiratory hazards, repetitive motion, heat, and other workplace exposures.

Developing a Customized Farm Safety & Health Management Plan: Basic common sense requirements for any size farm from one or two family members to dozens of hired farmworkers.  Such a program might be of interest to insurers, employers, and any size farm or agribusiness.  Increasingly, safety and health within the workplace and the care and concerned by farm employers is becoming a competitive advantage, especially in times of short labor supply and the need to differentiate your workplace in a competitive market for skilled workers in agriculture.

Safety & Health Policies and Engagement for Ag Operations: The process of developing a well-written “safety policy” can be a valuable way to engage all who work and live on a farm (or any type of business). This presentation will walk participants through a template for a safety policy that might be required by insurances companies, or increasingly by outside entities (cooperatives, product buyers, etc.).  A quality safety policy is also a starting point for regulatory compliance and can be a great tool for establishing open relationships with hired workers.

Other Customized Programs for Unique Audiences in Agriculture:  Historically, programs have been customized for specialized audiences—fruit and vegetable specialty crop growers, custom harvesters, custom and commercial applicator personnel, cooperative employees, and others. Given enough lead time and the opportunity to connect well in advance to discuss needs, concerns, and issues, I am happy to work with individual groups to develop customized solutions for either in-person or online programs.